According to an informal poll in Glenview 1/3of the men and 2/3 of the women said theywould vote for John Smith. On election day,one and a half times as many men as womenvoted. What fraction of the total vote,according to the poll, should be cast for JohnSmith?

Accepted Solution

Answer:Percent form: 41.65%Fraction form: [tex]\frac{833}{2000}[/tex]Step-by-step explanation:33% of men support John Smith.67% of women support John Smith.Lets say, for instance, that there are 20 polled individuals -- 10 women and 10 men.However, since 1.5 times as many men voted as women, we have to apply our poll to 15 men and 5 women.33% of the 15 men makes 5 men who voted for Smith and 10 who did not.67% of the 5 women makes 3.33 women who voted for Smith and 1.67 who did not.Add these numbers together.8.33 total voters were cast for John Smith, while 11.67 were not.Now, divide 8.33 by 20 and multiply by 100 to obtain a percentage.[tex]\frac{8.33}{20} \\.4165\\41.65[/tex]41.65% of voters voted for John Smith according to the results of the poll.